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The Night is Almost Over

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Published on: December 31, 2010

The heart pinches the mind with agony intertwined
Lost are words needing to be said but left untold
Confused are most with lifes testing host & deeds
Given a clean plate inscribed with fate we hold

Empty are words flying like birds without wings
Deadly is the tongue bitten by some with fear
Eating at the soul are the sins tearing a hole
Can’t it be filled by anything we’re given here

Nothing is something when your lover is pain
Tearing not sparing while we beg for some peace
Driving me insane are desires from deep within
Knowing life will expire this temporary lease

No one can help me and I can help no one
Thus the loneliness gets worse by the day
Lost are words, confused by the dark soul
Freshness I crave to breathe a new way

Easily words continue to rhyme as I write
The night is almost over while I’m awake
For pain flows with time destined before
Soon I’ll sleep when death comes to overtake

I said my share a little to late I thought
Distraught are my thoughts with worry
Hesitation results from deep intoxication
Dare I say love is at stake full of glory

What can make sense of it all after this
A brand new day to meet Light upon Light
Humbled is the heart trembling with anxiety
Hope, love and fear succeeded this night


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