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Oh Allah

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Published on: December 31, 2010

Oh Allah

Oh Allah You are truly magnificant
Oh Allah You are truly Most Glorious
Oh Allah nothing is as Beautiful as you
Oh why do I stray away so oblivious

You kept me safe, You gave me life but all I want is to be with you
My mother says, and I confess, that to You I should always turn
When I feel like this, full of emptiness, even so you always knew
Before I fell, and it felt like hell, my heart would twist and churn

Oh Allah You are the Most High
Oh Allah only You hear every cry
Oh Allah never turn away from me
Oh Allah even when I slip and lie

I had to cry every day and night without a single tear shed
I wonder how Ill ever bow when You call me back to you
I fear my deed will fail my creed in truth my heart has bled
I cant ignore Your words once more please save me to

You said in Your Book how every single crook will know his deeds
You warned us about the Day even the prophets will say nafsi nafsi
Now I wonder if I will plunder with the rest who only fulfill their needs
I beg of you now Ill pray and Ill bow all this life ive lived nafsi nafsi

Oh Allah You are Mercyfull
Oh Allah only you forgive
Oh Allah I have sinned
OH Allah forgive forgive

Like a slave I beg and plead for You to shine your Mercy on me
The world is merciless with brothers and sisters eating my flesh
I see your blessings in fruits and dressings Oh how blessed are we
Mankind has lost its way merciless are they to leave me be I wish

Everyone is chasing a dream thinking only of themselves here and now
Why can’t they see the disasters from Thee will consume us all thereafter
I cry from within unveiling my every sin hoping for redemption somehow
The light can shine so all seems fine but then the trumphet ends the laughter

I know the joy of every toy in this dunya created for us to test
The darkest nights hold the painful rights of what we sow at day
The bleekest days are what remains with hopes of mercy at best
Forgiveness I seek to Thee I speak forget me not is all I can say

Oh Allah I love you more than I can ever display
Oh Allah forgive me my failures and sins I slipped
Oh Allah I am what You made me from dirt and clay
Oh Allah save me from the fate of forelocks gripped

Oh Allah by their feet on their bellies dragged to hell
Oh Allah so they lied, the scholar mujahid and donor
Oh Allah let not that be our ending to which we fell
Oh Allah forgive us save us elevate us in Your honor

Oh Allah You are the Most forgiving All encompassing
Oh Allah You are Mercyfull
Oh Allah only you forgive
Oh Allah I have sinned
OH Allah forgive forgive

By: Jalal ibn Sa’eed

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