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I was very touched by this letter…

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Published on: January 7, 2011

I was very touched by this letter and thought to share it in hopes of your thoughts and comments:

From: HayastAnFedayi
To: Jalal ibn Sa’eed

Hello my brother. I saw your video about Naik and exposing the scientific errors. I’m a devout Christian and a proud %100 Armenian. The begginning of the video was very touching when you are saying you want peaceful dialouge and peace and coexistence in society. My family suffered greatly during the Armenian Genocide, and my grandparents and parents raised me to respect others beliefs and? religions. It was ignorance that caused the Armenian Genocide, and we should learn from that and the subsequent Genocides after, including Darfur now.

I’m eternally grateful towards Muslim Arabs. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan all helped my family during and after the Genocide, most of the time under penalty of death from the turks. For example, a tribe of nomadic Arab Bedouins helped my great-grandfather escape the death? marches/deportations. My great-grandfather’s mother hid him under the floorboards of their house, and he listened to his father, mother, and little brother get massacred, and his sisters deported-forced to march in the caravans of death to Der el Zor(syrian desert). If it wasn’t for the kindness of the Bedouins, I wouldn’t be here today. They disguised my great-granda, and he lived amongst them for two years.

Another example, my great-grandmother was protected by a good turkish family. They passed her off as an Arab servant. These brave and noble Muslims, protected many Armenians, under penalty of death themselves. I guess? why I’m tell you this is because, no matter Christian or Muslim, both sides have bad apples. Armenians were the first to adopt Christianity as religion and have always had brotherly relations with Muslims. In Yerevan(capital of Armenia) there is a beautiful Mosque called the Blue Mosque. This was built as a sign of friendship and brotherly love towards Iran, and all Muslims who wish to use it. I extend my hand to you brother, from a Christian to a Muslim, in the name of God and peace/love. Hope to talk soon.


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