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Eyes of Delusion

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Published on: January 7, 2011

Eyes of Delusion

What I want to say is how much I am feeling deep inside
If only words weren’t so feeble and full of hesitant pride
I could deliver this soul to submission and no longer hide
Give me strength to do this task I need to obey and abide

Help me I’m falling deeply into the beauty I am so belied
Give me hope and fear stirring until my desires collide
Take my hand in trust that we feel the same, I’ve not lied
Will we really be okay without knowing until we’ve died?

Can we take that chance with our enemies own bride?
‘Desires’ which call to us with lusts until shes cried
We give in not looking back into hell we may slide
Take heed else blame only thy self claiming I’ve tried

Beauty in the eye of the beholder is just an illusion
How can true beauty ever be seen with eyes of delusion?
Tricking our mind invading our hearts with intrusion
Unwanted are these black spots offering no real solution

Beauty is described through the actions of the creation
For it reflects the Most Beautiful above all temptation
For which hearts pound bleed and yearn, that salvation
Ahhh cries the heart in thought of such mesmerisation

That which romantically describes such beauty cannot be seen
Until the hardened hearts crust quakes and brakes until clean
Removing the blackness sown by sins from limbs without deen
Only tears now must wash away the stains with prayers cry ameen

Speak it now, can’t wait any longer, the heart is pounding
Describe this beauty through creation that’s now surrounding
Deceptive eyes we must tame to only see the beauty’s reflecting
No beauty the dunya possesses. Women, men everything defecting

All that is looked upon will now shine the Unseen and Most Beautiful
What is this beauty described by the stars, moon and sun so truthful
The heart can no longer not know while the jalalmoh is still mournful
Seeing the bride and the worldly desires should make us mindful

We love what is beautiful to our eyes and desires relentlessly
But the jalalmoh and shining clean heart now loves restlessly
Purified is the intention and renewed are vows romantically
What is this new love from which beauty shines itself Graciously?
With an exhausted soul I call out to Him prostrating in humility
(a sigh) Ya Allah, You are The Most Beautiful!

By: Jalal ibn Sa’eed

I dedicate this poem to all those who are truly devouted to the Most Beautiful and I ask Allah to suffice them and us all, ameen

What is in pious hearts and what is in ours? They are truly free with emaan while we are imprisoned by our desires.

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