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Easy Space Web Hosting! Grrrrrr!

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Published on: January 10, 2011

Do you know what’s been tightening my turban lately? It’s Easy space. The host that has been looking after our three main project websites,, and along with all email services.

Last night around 11 pm we had an influx of people purchasing tickets to the black magic seminar, which I am quite excited about. No, I will not be taking Harry Potter on! As you may guess the website crashed as did the mail server.

From 11 pm till about 4 am I was in a chat conversation with the technical support team but then it became a one way conversation till about 3 pm the following day. Then I decided to create a new query ticket which got a reply by 4 pm but it stated I had to wait 36 hours. I had to go back to the cave days and leave the electronic dialogue and get on the phone to their supervisors. After 15 minutes the MVD site was back up alhamdulillah but mail services are still down. A lot of people could not book during that time but it just gave a better chance to the late bookers. I am going to move to a new host, possibly GoDaddy. Yes its really what they are called. That’s been tightening my turban lately. Gotta go loosen it a bit.


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  1. Easyspace says:


    I’ve just read through your support ticket and can only apologise for the delays experienced in the ticket. It is fairly obvious however looking at the conversation that you might be approaching the time to upgrade to bigger and better things.

    Your VPS was running low on a few things, such as disk space and memory which were the real cause of your issues.

    Let us know if you need more information and I can get one of our sales team to call you – a Dedicated solution would be your next step up.

    Johnathan Williamson
    Support Services Manager

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