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Published on: December 16, 2012

chaos sm

I close my eyes as I write the words I can see are on the inside of my lids.
I hear the sounds around me but I can’t see their purpose
I hold a torch to light a path through the trees
I open my eyes to see the past of the person in front of me walking into their own future
Everyone moving from one lane to another but getting no where
Not any different than those in the lane they were in before

Chaos is defined by our reasoning and reason is lost without anyone noticing
Black darkness shines brighter when our eyes are closed
The heart beats like a drum pounding at the walls wanting to break free
The soul can’t describe the bottomless space where I hide often from the surface
Some can see while others won’t listen to what they look upon
Holding on to keys which open no doors to new places sought

Rain and snow falls upon the earth mercifully for gratitude
Thus the sky is deprived of being seen and thus needs no eyes to see
The nothingness inside harbours only nothing
Sleep is dangerously close but can’t wake up from the nightmare
Dreaming is easier to take when Im awake so I pinchk
No one stays in their lane as the grass keeps shining greener

Diamonds turn to gold and gold turns to dust for me
Why did I confuse you with this nothingness inside of me
How can I write the pain pounding out from the inside
This beast I must release but fear what will happen
This beast will kill to destroy me from the inside
Lest this beast is me and I love hating love

A headache is what I pay you for the venting you allow me.
Can you afford the hurt?

By: Jalal ibn Sa’eed

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