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A blog its called by those who need a name or a definition but for me its a black hole like a tunnel in the sky.  This is a connection from my soul to the other side of whatever this is.  I hope here I may be able to leave behind a legacy, share with those here now reading the present and also clarification for the misinformed, left behind or simply those that forgot to take their head out of the sand after they buried it unable to tolerate while casting stones from a glass house accusing Islam of intolerance.

I am only a slave unable to change my own fate with any means except by supplication, my pleadings, to the All Mighty, Who wrote the decree before even creating me.  I hope my dyslexia or whatever it is that clouds my mind and distracts my fingers when am I writing or reading doesn’t get in the way or distort at all the true nucleus of my soul which I willingly, without regret or doubts, record and present here.

What good is said of me my Lord knows better my true state and what bad is said of me are fruits of my actions, right or wrong.  I seek forgiveness from who ever thinks, speaks or feels ill of me and I hope for Mercy from the Most Merciful to be spared its accounts here and in the hereafter.

Seek not who I am or where I am from but rather pay attention to what I am doing and look only ahead at your own path for it takes you in one of only two directions.  Paradise and Hell is for the morrow but today we all stand in want and desire of anything we see or deem to be good but often we forget the Designer advises against vice and encourages with insistance towards virtue.  The code and creed is the law of the soul to overcome the desires within.

I have always been advised when dealing with issues of concern, especially when it comes to our ummah, that we must not be blinded by the surface problems as fixing them will only absorb our energy and time killing us slowly without any true progress.  The wise will always nip it in the bud seeking out the source or roots of the challenges thus I find Shaitan, or the whisperer, or the self or whatever you want to call the evil side within us all residing at such roots feeding on them and creating the very evil deeds our hands put forth.   It only makes sense the root be the focal point of the one who seeks progress out of this lowliness and therefore will always look inwards with full diligence hoping to starve and dry up eventually ripping out the weeds at the roots.

I can only hope this helps more than just myself and it is not for you to praise or appreciate my efforts for I have never done anything selflessly thus deserve none.  My goal always was and always will be a selfish one, seeking His Face, His Majesty, His Mercy, His Grace and Forgiveness achieving His Paradise.

Even now I pray He grant the same to you but selfishly with the hopes of the Angels wishing the same for me.  Oh Allah forgive me my shortcomings and may you be Praised and You are indeed All Wise and You have created me as I am.

Jalal ibn Sa’eed Mohabbat (JISM)

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