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A Path is Paved by Jalal ibn Sa’eed

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Published on: January 7, 2011

‘A Path is Paved by Jalal ibn Sa’eed’

When did life feel good that so many would die to live
where did death lose its effect that so many ceased to give
why did faith decipitate within our souls which wont forgive
how did we fall so low ignoring the eternal lifes incentive

Given the greyest clouds of deciet with the bleekest of hearts to lead
As a punishment for what our hands sent forth neglecting those who need
Bringing shame upon us all is the weakness within our hearts
Loving and endearing whats worthless is the dunyas shining parts

To wake from this slumber which covers the truth of our state
To rise from the slums of humiliation we first must choose our fate
Our Lord is one without any partner and the message sent so clear
Belief in this requires our actions to follow without any fear

A path is paved towards success in this life and the next
The revival of true faith in our lives from the devine text
Repentance is the key to worldly success defined by our Lord
Redemption is the outcome from humility of the sinners accord

ibn Sa’eed

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