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Has a Muslim ripped you off?

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Published on: December 31, 2010

Bismillah, Wa Salatu Wa Salamu ‘Ala Rassulillah,
As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Somebody made a comment about Muslims who sell Umrah trips rip other muslims off. We hear and see such things all the time and there are always Muslims who try to outdo the other in a transaction always hoping to come out with more than the other. This is seen as Muslims ripping off other Muslims. I had a slightly different view to this and I hope to share it seeing if anyone will agree or disagree insha’Allah. tell me what you think.

I disagreed. Muslims never rip you off. Muslims only rip themselves off when one takes advantage of another but this happens on both paths: The buyer and the seller.

Path 1: The miser always looking for a discount. It is never cheap enough. He/she will always hope he gets the better deal and not his brother who he is dealing with. He only cheats himself of true emaan of wanting for his brother what he wants for himself. The salaf would often try offering the salesman more than what he was asking for in hopes of helping his brother out but today the miser seeks a better deal.

Path 2: The opportunist salesman who will always see worldly benefit by charging a little more than usual. It can always make just a little bit more. He can always try and squeeze out one more coin and the dunya will never satisfy him thus he remains starved of the true mercy of Allah when He fills the soul of the believer with contentment knowing there is Al Jannat to strive for selling this worthless dunya for a first class ticket! What an amazing transaction! The salesmen rightly guided often sought the less fortunate and made excuses to devalue his goods in hopes of not embarassing the buyer who may not be able to afford the usual price. This was the true opportunist seeking true success.

Human beings are full after they have eaten but seemingly only on the outside. On the inside the human has an emptyy hole in his soul that can never be filled and the size is relative to his fulfillment of his / her desires.

Lesson here is the RIP OFF is on both sides of the transaction in every single case and it is never that only one side was ripped off. Unless if one person is truly pious and allows the other to benefit more even if he knows he is being overcharged or underbought. In this case the other has ripped himself off of piety while the generous one safeguarded his akhirah and he will never say I was ripped off. If he says he was ripped off then he was no better than the one that ripped him off and has not realised he could have walked away the winner either way and Allah knows best.

Beides, can we ever really put a price on an accepted Umrah? Can it ever be to much? How much would we pay for an accepted Umrah in the akhirah when there is no wealth to buy and sell with, only deeds. It makes more sense to think if I can afford it then its not overpriced and Allah has invited me to come for Umrah. But if I cannot afford it then it is not my invite.

I pray Allah guide us all to seek true piety and may Allah fill our souls with contentment from Him, ameen. He is truly the Provider.


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