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Published on: December 16, 2012

chaos sm

I close my eyes as I write the words I can see are on the inside of my lids.
I hear the sounds around me but I can’t see their purpose
I hold a torch to light a path through the trees
I open my eyes to see the past of the person in front of me walking into their own future
Everyone moving from one lane to another but getting no where
Not any different than those in the lane they were in before

Chaos is defined by our reasoning and reason is lost without anyone noticing
Black darkness shines brighter when our eyes are closed
The heart beats like a drum pounding at the walls wanting to break free
The soul can’t describe the bottomless space where I hide often from the surface
Some can see while others won’t listen to what they look upon
Holding on to keys which open no doors to new places sought

Rain and snow falls upon the earth mercifully for gratitude
Thus the sky is deprived of being seen and thus needs no eyes to see
The nothingness inside harbours only nothing
Sleep is dangerously close but can’t wake up from the nightmare
Dreaming is easier to take when Im awake so I pinchk
No one stays in their lane as the grass keeps shining greener

Diamonds turn to gold and gold turns to dust for me
Why did I confuse you with this nothingness inside of me
How can I write the pain pounding out from the inside
This beast I must release but fear what will happen
This beast will kill to destroy me from the inside
Lest this beast is me and I love hating love

A headache is what I pay you for the venting you allow me.
Can you afford the hurt?

By: Jalal ibn Sa’eed

The Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

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Published on: December 15, 2012

My deepest sympathy to the parents of the deceased children at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut. Tears as I look on the reports and realise the tender lives taken and their carers/ teachers who were only working for their future. I pray Allah grant their hearts guidance and sukoon. I only wish for goodness and some peace from Him so they may find their way to continue their lives knowing those little miracles will not be going to school on Monday. They were all our children too as every single parent in the world tonight will look at their own children with worry, fear and empathy for the parents who now know loss no parents should ever have to know. May you all find peace again and be granted a brighter future. The same prayers for all parents in the entire world who have lost children to such violence. Wal-Allahul Musta’an.

I have seen a lot of chaos in the world the past 12 years. Tragedy has filled the news and hearts. The overwhelming pain has caused me to become more and more reserved in speaking on such disasters. Instead, I focus on anything positive I can find and call hearts that are listening to the positive and towards the only One that can bring any joy or peace to hearts, our Lord. The helplessness that majority feel as the governments continue to not listen to the public and the tyrants of the world continue to oppress their own people I find it more and more difficult to comment as I too simply do not feel it makes any difference thus prefer to try keep our heads above water so not to drown by seeking out positivity anywhere and everywhere possible like starved people seeking food, water and air.

Obama Tear

On this occasion I saw a small tiny glimpse of hope. I saw the president of the United States become emotional and show some humanity. Thank you president Obama for showing you can feel after so much coldness you have shown the world. I just pray you can show the same humanity now on and forever towards the children of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, the many nations in Africa and anywhere else they suffer as victims in the chess game of the giant super powers. I pray your heart be squeezed over and over along with all leaders of our World until you change the path the world is upon and take us towards true justice, peace and equality for all mankind and not just dependant upon what passport you hold.

Oh people, you are one ummah, one mankind. Weather you are a teacher, a janitor, a military soldier, a general, a corporate executive, a gardener, a chief of staff, a king, a computer genious, an artist or a member of any government or non organisation, I ask you to reflect deeply about your role in life and find a way to be part of the changes we want to see in our leaders and our policies. Do not fail in finding something you can do else you can only blame yourself for the demise of humanity and you can never justly point your finger towards anyone as the other four will always point back at you. Help our leaders by correcting them and changing their path as the people have always had the power since millions are stronger than one man/woman leading. It is a game played that has brainwashed the billions to think they are powerless while those who seem to be in power are only a handful by comparison. Bring changes in your own lives and help those around you to bring better changes together into your communities and as a collective we can guide our governments to make the changes needed for a peaceful future.

President Obama, I ask you to please hear your own words when you spoke of the children and their now gone future those tender young ages and that our hearts are broken today extending our sympathy to the devastated parents. Take heed of your own words and realise the same exact children in many other countries have been killed and are still being killed by soldiers and bombs trained and paid by our tax dollars in the name of ‘freedom’. I ask all leaders in the world to take heed now before we lose many many more in the decades to come. You can all repent and ask for God’s forgiveness before your time on earth is finished as we will all return to Him and will be held accountable. He is oft forgiving and will pardon all crimes but only if we repent sincerely and work towards change. No more killing. No more war. No more hate. No more racism and giving our own passports more worth than those born with passports of other nations. Two wrongs never make a right.

“The majority killed today were children. Mostly between the ages of 5-10. They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.” Thank you Mr President. Now give the same tears, consideration, love and sympathy to the millions that have been killed by our wars, “majority killed … were children.” Mr President and every single person in any form of authority you are not empowered but rather burdened with the responsibility and obligation to rectify our global situation, not by further war and killing but by humility and admission of your own guilt first so others may do the same. We must all realise its a draw and no human is superior to another except by righteousness, humility and true leadership by being the example of the changes you wish to reach and achieve.

I stopped letting my feelings surface regarding the politics of killing babies, men, women and elderly in the name of this or that but today your tears gave me a tiny bit of hope, nurture them and do not ignore guidance when God has given you yet another chance at doing the right thing lest you find your destruction when you meet the true King in the next life. Live now when you can and achieve the true goodness and potential God instilled in every man and woman but with the free will to choose their own path daily. You see, freedom is not won nor earned by war or any other means, it is given as a free gift from our Lord as He created us with free will and we can all remind each other daily to use our freedom to do the right thing and save the future of humanity, the future of all our children. Ya Allah guide us and protect us from ourselves and each other, ameen.

Sincerely Yours,
Jalal ibn Saeed Mohabbat

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